Policies & Procedures

We are a Professional Actors Studio with the goal of creating an artistic, supportive environment for the building of self-confidence and leadership skills.

  • Professionalism, Respect, Commitment and Communication is expected
  • A 30 minute Audit is allowed for Acting Classes only
  • Acting classes are 1 month commitment blocks, which begin the first week of each month. Acting Class payments are due at the beginning of each month.
  • Classes may run a 5 -10 minutes over the scheduled release time. If you need to pull your child out of class before they are released please come into the studio and we will be happy to get them for you
  • Unexcused missed classes and showcase’s can result in being dropped from Class and the Studio
  • Classes and Workshops are to be paid in full prior to starting. There are No Refunds or holds. Tuition from one class cannot be transferred to another class/workshop. If we cancel a workshop that is paid for we will refund.
  • To make-up a missed class due to illness or acting related reason you must call, txt or email by 4 pm the day of class to be granted a makeup class. Approved missed classes for a makeup: Illness, Auditions, & Bookings, Prearranged Vacations – 2 wks per yr. after 1 year at the studio. Makeup for a School obligation requires 1 wk notice. To make up a class you can come into our Wednesday drop in class in the month you missed. Must call by 3PM the day of, if you plan to attend. If JDS cancels a class we will schedule a makeup class within that month.
  • Private lesson’s must give 24 hour notice to get a make-up class
  • No Refunds unless JDS cancels a workshop
  • Drop off and Pick-up
    • Studio is not open for walk-ins. Staff may only arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to start of class
    • Please pick-up your child within 15 minutes of class end time
  • Actors are responsible for knowing when their Actors Showcase is scheduled – See the Studio News for dates. Parents please check in the lobby at least monthly for updated Studio News & information.
       A maximum of 6 guests are welcome to attend an Actors Showcase. Please do not arrive before 7PM on an Actors Showcase night.
  • Actors need to bring their own water to class or bottled water, soda, and or juice may be purchased at Studio for the cost of $1 per bottled/canned beverage. Mini waters & juice boxes are on $0.50.
  • We do not take responsibility for any services engaged for Photography or any other industry related service, even if contact was made through a Studio introduction
  • The Studio supplies several sources for monologue and scene material. We assist the Actors in making their selections, but each actor is responsible for the content they chose to work on and perform. Please note that Actor Showcases’ include all the actors in the studio, some material may not be appropriate for all ages and may include adult language and content.
  • We do not restrict cell phones in the classes as the actors use them to find material & in case of emergency, but if texting & not paying attention becomes a problem we will ask the actor to leave the class, to be allowed back in, a parent conference will be required.
  • Studio is available for rental at $30 per hour for enrolled actors. Regular rate is $45 per hr.

Thank you!