Show Business – Acting Guidebook

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Want to star in a Blockbuster? Be seen on TV? Commercials? Film? Or on stage in the Theatre? If you’ve got the acting bug – and there’s no cure – it’s time to master the show and the business.

Meet Scott & Diane Strand. He’s the show and she’s the business. Together they make Show Business, a powerful team teaching Actors just like you, the in’s and out’s of the Industry they’ve been part of for decades. They have launched well over 100 mainstream acting careers and enriched well over 1000 actors and students who have come through the doors at JDS Studios.

If you’ve ever dreamed of on-stage stardom, this easy-to-navigate, must-have guidebook to all things showbusiness will have you prepared, professional and ready to get paid to Act.

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It’s time to master the show and the business!
To hear about their inspiration check out Diane and Scott’s video!

About the Authors

Diane Strand


Diane Strand is an award-winning Executive Producer at JDS Studios, and the TV show Spirit of Innovation. She’s also a wife, mother of three and bestselling author on the topic of entrepreneurship. She is the majority owner of JDS Video & Media Productions, Inc / JDS Actors Studio and the founder of nonprofit JDS Creative Academy.

Focused on the business of video production and acting , Diane has written two approved curriculums, a Title 17 program designed for adults with developmental disabilities and a California State approved apprenticeship for 10 job codes in video production. These programs provide hands-on training and paid opportunities, designed to break down barriers to gainful employment in video production, post production and acting.

A former Actress, Diane holds Producer and production credits from A-List shows like; General Hospital, Friends, and Veronica’s Closet. She has produced for The Disney Channel and Universal Creative and led the producing team that built and ran the high-def control room at Staples Center, now

Diane has helped launch over 100 video and acting careers into the mainstream entertainment and multimedia video production industry.

Scott Strand

Scott Strand - Actor and Master Acting Coach

Scott Strand is an Actor and Master Acting Coach. He’s also a husband, father and inspirational speaker. Alongside his wife, Diane Strand, they are the owners of JDS Studios. When schools lost funding for the arts – Scott and Diane came with a Drama Club solution, and thus JDS Actors Studio was born. Regularly teaching Acting to students from youth to seniors, Scott inspires everyone to fall in love with the craft of acting whatever your age.

A graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and California State University Northridge in Film Directing with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Television. Scott began his career in theatre acting on stages across L.A. before moving into television and feature films including Last Man Standing with Bruce Willis and Christopher Walken.

Scott has performed on many stages across southern California along with TV and major motion pictures. He earned a SAG (Screen Actors’ Guild) for his work on the HBO Film Tyson. His film, which he wrote and directed, The Courage To Run Away was chosen for the Cannes Film Festival.

About JDS

 JDS Actors Studio was born out of a love of Acting and the entertainment industry. Named JDS for our kids initials, JDS Actors Studio is where those with a passion for acting come to master the craft. We work with aspiring actors to study the craft of acting and break into the industry as actors, launching over 100 careers.

JDS Creative Academy was founded as a nonprofit to inspire and enhance education and hands-on training skills in visual, performing and digital arts, providing pathway opportunities that break down barriers in a competitive industry.

JDS Video & Media Productions, Inc. is an award-winning video production and multimedia solutions company helping businesses market and communicate with new audiences.

Our mission at JDS is to inspire and launch Actors and Industry leaders into show business.

JDS Actors Studio