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Acting Classes Offered at This Time:

Youth Acting Scene Study

Youth: The Craft of Acting/Scene Study

(7 – 11 years old)
Monday 5:00pm – 7:00pm Class Breakdown
Teen Acting Scene Study

Teen: The Craft of Acting / Scene Study

(12 – 17/18 years old)
Tuesday 5:00pm – 7:00pm Class Breakdown
Adult Acting Scene Study

Adult: The Craft of Acting / Scene Study

Thursday 7:00pm – 10:00pm Class Breakdown
Summer Camp Week 2 (3)

Summer Camp

Two week Acting Summer Camp! Monday - Friday
10:00 am - 4:00 pm Click for More Details

Acting Classes in Temecula

Hollywood-quality performing arts education right here in Temecula. Envisioned and created by experienced professionals from Los Angeles, JDS Actors Studio provides Riverside County’s most in-depth acting classes.

Training and Exposure

Whether you have some acting skills and experience, or you have never acted before, this is the place to work with others, gain exposure and build resume acting credits. JDS Actors Studio classes provide creative enrichment, self confidence mindset coaching, and leadership skills. This class is for those who wish to break into the entertainment industry as an actor or grow their confidence in leadership experiences.

The JDS Actors Studio offers both private and group acting classes for toddlers, youth, teens, and adults including:
  • Improvisation
  • Acting for the Camera
  • Performing
  • Scene Study
  • Public Speaking
Benefits of studying your craft at JDS Actors Studio include:
  • Professional Acting Opportunities that build resume credits
  • Professional Hollywood Showcases
  • Tips for breaking in

Finding the Truth in Acting

Scott Strand understands that good acting requires a connection between mind, body, and soul. The tools he provides in class help each student accomplish this connection in order to uncover the truth in their performance and develop their own craft. Skills acquired in Scene Study/Monologue Acting class: Character Development, Script Breakdown, Improvisation, Audition techniques, and emotional connection.

Acting Classes Build Character

In addition to improving their acting ability, classes taught at JDS Actors Studio help students gain confidence, increase imagination, ease anxiety when speaking in public, and strengthen leadership skills. Working together in a group also helps people of all ages operate better as a team. Everyone can benefit from the performing arts and acting classes. JDS Actors Studio offers all you need to become the actor, performer, public speaker, or leader you know you can be.

Looking to Break into the Industry?

At JDS Actors Studio we have helped over 100 Actors get SAG Franchised Agents and entertainment Managers. Our Industry Showcase held twice a year will provide you with the information needed to start your pursuit of a career as an actor in the entertainment industry. We teach you the in’s and the out’s of the industry, how to set up your resume, what your pictures should look like, the websites you should be on, and so much more. Check out our new book

Show Business

 Show Business - Breaking into the industry as an Actor
Meet Scott & Diane Strand. He’s the show and she’s the business. Together they make Show Business, a powerful team teaching Actors just like you, the in’s and out’s of the Industry they’ve been part of for decades.

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Providing acting classes in Temecula, CA and serving all of Riverside County for eleven years

Meet The Master Acting Coach and Executive Producer

"His Truth in Acting" philosophy and the information that we have launched over 100 professional acting careers into the entertainment industry, and have had over 800 acting students through the doors over the last 11 years.


Charlotte Fracchiolla

Video Testimonial | 8/11/2017
JDS Actors Studio The Massiah’s

The Massiah’s

Video Testimonial | 8/7/2013
JDS Actors Studio Travis Seay

Travis Seay

Video Testimonial | 8/7/2013
JDS Actors Studio Shannon Summers

Shannon Summers

Video Testimonial | 8/7/2013
JDS Actors Studio Julian Jenkins

Julian Jenkins

Video Testimonial | 8/7/2013
JDS Actors Studio Hannah Huinker

Hannah Huinker

Video Testimonial | 8/7/2013
JDS Actors Studio Frances Bagette

Frances Bagette

Video Testimonial | 8/7/2013
Thanks for all that you and Scott taught my kids, and what you taught me about the industry. This past year has been so much fun. Mylee has done 2 print jobs and booked her first commercial last month for Sketchers. Gavin has been super busy. He did 4 commercials this past year and just booked the lead in a small feature film. It is a Sag/Aftra modified low budget film. We leave in August to film in Austin Texas! Whenever someone asks me how they got started I always tell them that we started at JDS! And let them know what a wonderful experience we had there!

Lauralee Howe

Written Testimonial | 7/15/2013
“We were amazed by the talent of the actors we auditioned at JDS Actors Studio, we are very excited and thankful to have met a great group of dedicated, creative and talented industry professionals and can’t wait to get on set with these actors”

Six of the Studio’s actors will be appearing in Bad Gorilla Films’ independent feature Endemic.

Producer Jon M. McDonnell Big Gorilla Films

Written Testimonial | 2/8/2012
I would like to thank all the very talented actors that I worked with this weekend. Frances, Trevor, Elly, Hannah, Samantha, Jesse, Wolf, and of course Ava you impressed me with not only your talent but at least as importantly your level of commitment to the material. It was impressive and a delight to work with and the combination of the two will impress any director. “Break a leg” in all future endeavors folks.

“Likewise I need to say how impressed I was by JDS. There are so few venues for actors to really learn the craft of acting and JDS not only provides a place but they really provide an environment that welcomes and nurtures actors. Talent is a gift but the fact remains that a diamond is just a pretty rock unless someone knows how to cut it. Then it’s real beauty shines and it becomes a precious gem. Thank you guys for letting me introduce Shakespeare to some gems.”

Allan Robb – Shakespeare Director

Written Testimonial | 1/16/2012
JDS Actors Studio is a rock ‘em, sock ‘em place to work out as an actor and a great place for any producer or casting director to source talent. The workshops I attended as a guest and a teacher were excellent in talent, execution and downright home-grown manners. I look forward to many more visits and calling in some of their talent in our upcoming feature films.

G. Anthony Joseph
Producer and President of Tritan-Northstar Entertainment

Written Testimonial | 11/28/2011
There are many acting studios, but the difference I have experienced with Scott and Diane is that they take personal interest in me and my career, I’ve grown so much as an actress under their coaching and have gained two friends in the process.

Frances Bagette

Written Testimonial | 11/28/2011
Any parent should be proud to have their young actor studying with you. You have done an outstanding job in a short period of time. Thank you so much. I will be contacting several of your students.

Joanne Jerrell
Direct Talent

Written Testimonial | 4/2/2011
JDS Actors Studio has been wonderful for our kids. They have had fun learning to act. Zoey, age 5, and Brennan, age 7, are learning how to be comfortable performing in front of an audience. This experience is helping them develop their public speaking skills and has given them more self confidence in all aspects of their lives. It has also given them the opportunity to showcase their newly learned craft for talent agents. Thanks JDS!

Rebecca and Gary Ruderman

Written Testimonial | 4/1/2011
When I first became interested in acting I wanted to find a place where I could learn the craft, associate myself with others who had a similar interest in acting, and broaden my horizon by experimenting in a field that had always interested me. What I found in JDS was much more. The staff at JDS has a genuine love for the art, and for the people that cannot be faked or fabricated. The motivational and positive words of encouragement that I have received and continue to receive from JDS have been invaluable to how I have begun to develop as an actor and how I continue to develop as a person. I would highly recommend JDS to anyone that is either looking for a hobby, wanting to pursue acting full or part time, or just looking for a way to express themselves artistically. I definitely give it 2 thumbs way up!!!

Johnathan Farmer
JDS Actors Studio Adult Actor

Written Testimonial | 1/28/2011
I have had the privilege of enrolling my daughter Ava who is 9 years old at JDS Actors Studio since the studio opened. It has been an absolute wonderful experience seeing the creative progress Ava has learned. JDS Actors Studio has given Ava continuous tools to help her strengthen her craft and grow as an actress. From monthly Showcases to Camera Workshops, Ava has learned and loved every moment at the Studio. Ava’s confidence and skills development has grown from the dedication and hard work of Scott and Diane. They truly care about the success of every student. They have created an inviting studio environment for all actors at all levels to feel comfortable and also be challenged at the same time. In addition to ongoing acting classes, Diane and Scott have also given Ava and fellow actors a chance to further their careers by auditioning and showcasing their talents in front of Industry Professionals and because of that opportunity Ava will be meeting with an Agent!

Diane and Scott Strand bring a professional and safe environment to learn the craft of acting. The Strand’s are very encouraging and honest in their approach. They are always free to give us advice and a realistic idea of how to break into the business. I am happy that we have discovered this family oriented Studio. Diane is always a phone call away to help with any questions I need. JDS Actors Studio is an asset to the Temecula Valley Community. JDS Actors Studio inspires actors to be the best they can. The success of its students, in my opinion, will allow the Studio a wonderful reputation. I would highly recommend anyone interested in becoming part of an Amazing Actors Studio to come in and take a tour of the Studio. Thank You Diane and Scott for your continuous hard work and support. We appreciate your passion of the Arts!

Shawna and Ava Sarnowski

Written Testimonial | 11/23/2010
Scott and Diane have been the catalyst for my son, Jeremy Vance’s, acting career. Under their supervision, he has learned the skills necessary to land himself a top talent agent and management company in Los Angeles.

I would highly recommend JDS Actors Studio for anyone wanting to seriously pursue a career as an actor.

Justine Moore

Written Testimonial | 11/23/2010
I enjoyed attending the workshop, and I was impressed by the talent I saw there.

Jana Luker
Jana Luker Agency

Written Testimonial | 11/23/2010

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