Class Breakdown

Acting Class (ages 6 – adult): Actors shall prepare and perform an age appropriate monologue as well as a Two person scene chosen in class. Exercises include: Relaxation, Vocal Concentration / Memorization, Focus and Characterization. Actors will be instructed in the craft of acting learning basic stage presence, stage direction, beats, rhythm, and timing. Acting classes are open enrollment and month to month. There are quarterly showcases at the studio that the actors perform their acting class scenes and monologues in front of their invited friends and family.
  • Acting Classes run in one month commitment blocks and are ongoing month to month for $125.00 per month
  • Youth & Teen Classes meet once a week (Weekly instruction time is 2 hours)
  • Adults meet once a week (Weekly instruction time is a minimum of 3 hours)



Toddler Theatrics (ages 3-5): Imagination development through creative fun play with Props, Costumes, Music, and Improv Games. Exercises include: Marching/Dancing, Vocalizing/Singing, Creative Storytelling and performing. Toddlers will be instructed on teamwork, following direction, and basic stage movement and presence.
  • 1 day a week for 1 hour a week



Acting for the Camera: Actors will learn camera-acting techniques for Film/TV/Commercials covering audition strategies and knowledge of how to apply your craft to different medium.
  • Workshop $125.00 – $250.00 depending on workshop type



Public Speaking: Students shall prepare a 5-10 speech to be presented at the end of the course. Students will be instructed in 5 basic parts of a speech: choosing topics, creating content, passionate delivery and overcoming fear. Exercises include: vocal diction and pronunciation, relaxation, focus, concentration and topic content creation.



Workshop Classes & Industry Showcases: Learn the In’s and Out’s of the Entertainment Industry and how to pursue a Career as a working Actor. Actors will have the opportunity to “Showcase” their talent to Professional, SAG Franchised Agents & Industry Managers, working Hollywood casting directors, as well as other industry professionals. These workshops and showcases are closed to the general public and only open to invited industry professionals of JDS Actors Studio, and enrolled actors.
For Workshops and the Industry Showcase one parent of any minor actor may sit in the room.
  • Industry workshop 5 Classes Fee $250.00

JDS Green Screen Studio



Actors Ensemble/Theatre Boot Camp: One Act Plays – There is a $125.00 Production Fee due first week of rehearsals. There also may be additional costume costs of $25 – $50.00. To participate actors must be enrolled in acting classes.